Welcome to the Homestead!

Hey, Neighbor!

Thanks for stopping by! Coffee’s brewing (or wine’s chilling, if you prefer), so grab a cup, sit in a comfy chair, and relax! I hope you enjoy my musings as a fledgling homesteader and the many different facets that entails.

Here are some of the things I plan to be blogging about as time goes on:

  • Organic Gardening – successes and failures, seed-saving, pest and weed control, favorite seeds and sources
  • Preserving – successes and failures, canning, dehydrating, freezing, cellaring
  • Animal Care – successes and failures, chickens, dogs, cats, more animals as our homestead grows
  • Crafty Things – successes and failures, sewing, gifts, home decor, scrapbooking
  • Nourishment – successes and failures, Paleo-inspired recipes, heritage recipes, locavore tips and ideas
  • Healthful Living – successes and failures, essential oils, herbs, taking care of family and myself
  • Living with Spirit – successes and failures, thoughts on God, Jesus, abundance, soulful practices

Do you see a theme here? “Successes and failures” is the aspect of these topics that I listed first. Why? Because I know there will be both, and, as a newbie, I want to share what we’re learning, as we go. I would love your feedback, insights, advice, sharing of your own experiences… In this crazy, modern world, connections are so important to feeling human, even if we are aiming for a simpler life!


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