A More… Complete… Introduction (Pt. 1)

Just me

Just me

As I sit down at the computer to enter this post, I am looking out my bedroom window. The sun shining on the vegetable garden is brilliant and warm, and I can’t help but think I AM SO BLESSED. Just the fact that I am able to grow some of the food that sustains and nourishes my family is a MIRACLE. That those tiny seeds, with the help of my hands and some compost, would become nourishment for our bodies is AMAZING… So, the first thing you should know about me is that I tend to wax a little poetic from time-to-time. 😉 I just can’t help it when I can see these wondrous things happening all around me! I feel so FULL, if that makes sense.

Now, for that more complete introduction I promised: My name is Cresta. I am 40 and am still learning so much about living this life. I tried doing things my own way for a long time and found that hardship was what that brought me. Now, I’m trying to do things God’s way. I am learning what that is as I go, but I’m finding more and more that if I just shut up and LISTEN, things tend to go a lot better! I am beginning to experience true PEACE in my life, I think, for the first time ever. It feels good.

My husband, Jason, is a truly amazing man. He is my anchor in this tumultuous ocean called Life. He works so hard for our family and comes home at the end of the day exhausted, but still willing and eager to have the kids climb on him or crawl into his lap. I think that if he had his way, he would be a full-time farmer. We are working on that! We have been married 12 years, and, though we’ve definitely had our ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade a single day. Every day, in some way or another, I am reminded why I chose him. And, during those times when I’m frustrated because he left his dirty socks on the floor AGAIN or didn’t put his dishes in the dishwasher AGAIN, I can still see through all the STUFF to the heart of this man, and I know that I live there.

We have 5 kids – 4 together and 1 from his first marriage. My stepson just went to boot camp for the Marines. My husband is a former Marine and is very proud! Our 4 are just the way I planned it from the time I was a young girl: boy, girl, boy, girl. I always wanted 2 boys and 2 girls, and that’s exactly what I got! Our oldest son – 11 – is creative, artistic, sensitive, and has the tendency to fly into fits of rage when he thinks someone is doing an injustice to him. :-/ Our oldest girl – 7 1/2 -loves ballet, is sharp as a tack, and has amazing executive management skills. Ahem. Our youngest boy – 5 1/2 – is a monkey. ‘Nuff said. And our youngest girl – 3 1/2 – is an adorable stinker. Yep, that’s our family! I would love to be able to say that our children are always obedient, use their manners every time, and never call each other “Idiot,” but I would be lying. I can say that when my kids are with other people that aren’t family, I hear reports that they have such great manners and are so polite. Whew! At least we’re doing something right!

We are all working on a 5-year plan to purchase 5 or more acres on this lovely island we call home in the Puget Sound of Washington and build our true Homestead. In the meantime, we are renting a house on an acre and a third and are doing the best we can to make this our temporary homestead.

Now, about Paleo… I have had issues with digestion, fertility (Yes, believe it or not, at one time I was told I couldn’t have children! More about that in another post…), and other miscellaneous things my whole life. I eliminated gluten from my diet in 2007 after reading an article about gluten sensitivity. It helped tremendously.

However, when our now 11-year-old son was born, he had soooo many issues with feeding. I was exclusively breastfeeding him. In fact, he wouldn’t take anything but the breast. That was fine with me, but he would nurse, and then a few minutes later, would projectile vomit all over me. I tried everything – propping him up after feeding, simethicone (yuck), feeding smaller amounts at one time, and, finally, the Elimination Diet, as suggested by Dr. Sears, which seemed to help, but was really restrictive and not something I could continue long term. I gave up on that before it was time to reintroduce allergenic foods one at a time. Mom fail, I know. I just couldn’t handle it.
Terrible time to stop, I know, but I’m going to have to make this “To Be Continued…” My kids are begging for food, so I guess it’s now snack time! Part 2 to follow; stay tuned!

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