This is Really Happening!

Oh, my gosh! It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything, but when you read this, I think you’ll forgive me and understand!

We are buying a real homestead farm-in-the-making! Did you catch that? For reals, WE ARE BUYING OUR DREAM!!!

For those of you not in the Western Washington area, picture an idyllic, rural community, where the horses slowly meander on trails  with their riders sitting Western on their backs; where the trees are as abundant as the bee hives; where huckleberries grow red and prolific on the cedar stumps of timber harvests gone by; where the spring waters flow clear and fresh over loamy ground. If you can picture all of these things, you have pictured our new homestead! We have been blessed with 10 acres of farming paradise, just waiting for cultivation.

Which, in other words, means that the land is SEVERELY overgrown. Yay for back-breaking, hard, ceaseless work!

We know, however, that it will be WORTH IT! We left all of it in God’s hands, and said from the get-go that if it was meant to be, He would make it happen… AND HE HAS!

Both the Mr. and I have felt that this is truly what we are supposed to be doing, and God has shown us that we are correct. We are so close to closing – just days, now – and are ready to begin this expanded chapter in our lives.

Those of you who have hung on with my infrequent posts will know that we have chickens and previously grew a garden. This year, we added a breeding pair of Standard Bronze turkeys, a Khaki Campbell (drake, currently, but we hope to get some ducks for him soon), & a Muscovy drake (again, we want ducks for him!).

The garden has been a bittersweet endeavor… I planted some tomatoes (which are doing GREAT with all of the hot weather we have been having), peppers, potatoes, peas, and strawberries, but with our imminent move, I haven’t put any other plants in the ground. We’ve got some beans, squash, pumpkins, and lettuce in pots. No clue if they’ll actually produce anything worthwhile…

At least, on the new homestead, we’ll be able to harvest TONS of blackberries for jam, pies, and maybe even dehydrating. One of the *ahem* benefits of having 10 overgrown acres, I suppose!

So, in closing, we ask for your prayers for our new homestead and the magnificent abundance with which we have been entrusted.

I really will update as we get settled into our new homestead and dig into farming, 100%! Watch for either a name change for this blog, or a link to a completely different one soon. With the new adventure of a real homestead comes real jobs, chores, and challenges. We want to make sure that the blog reflects what we have going on.