Chicken Slaughter Day #1 Was a Success!

I am normally a pretty sensitive person, especially when it comes to animals. My husband works to save animals’ lives every day, and usually in less-than-ideal situations (emergency), so it’s really a part of our family’s make-up to care for and care about animals.

Needless to say, I was pretty concerned about butchering our own chickens. Could I handle it? I knew I needed to be strong for the kiddos – they would freak out if they saw Mommy freaking out – but I wasn’t sure how I would manage that.

After watching MANY, MANY YouTube videos on how people butchered chickens (some in loving, humane ways and some not-so-much), I am pleased to report that I did remarkably well… and the Mr. did AMAZING. He was the one who had the arduous task of actually slaughtering, and he did it with compassion, grace, and respect for the lives that those Cornish-Cross chickens gave up to be our dinner.

My job was a lot less fulfilling – I was the lucky one who got to pull out the pin feathers and down (if that’s what you call it) off the birds since our propane torch wasn’t working, then bag them in shrink bags (We got ours from – they worked well and are BPA-free, plus the company provided GREAT customer service!), and stick them in the freezer. Whoopee!

We’re getting ready for Slaughter Day #2, and I hope to have some pictures from that day – my camera battery wasn’t charged for the first round. WARNING: When I do post the pictures, they will be graphic in nature because of the subject matter contained therein. However, please know that we treat our birds well and treat the whole process of taking the bird from being a living, breathing animal to being ready for dinner as a reverent task, and we always thank the bird and God for the life those chickens give so that we can thrive. It may seem like overkill to some people (sorry about the pun), but to us, it is important.

How do you feel about butchering chickens? Do you raise your own meat birds?


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