(Drum Roll, Please…) I Just Got Published! =D

If I was able to have a conversation with my college-aged self, I would tell me to get a degree in a subject area where my degree would allow me to get a job writing – probably journalism, maybe just English literature. I have loved writing since I was a young girl. My favorite classes in school were those that would require some kind of creative writing. They were the classes in which I would get the best grades, too. Writing feels like home to me, no matter where I am and no matter what is going on around me. I can express things through writing that I just don’t have the voice to speak aloud.

As you can imagine, I have wanted to be a PUBLISHED writer for… ever. I have had a few things published here and there, and have actually won an award for a piece I wrote in 2004. It has, however, been years since I’ve published anything.

Last year, I submitted a short story to one of my favorite magazines, Mary Janes Farm. I received a lovely thank you email, but didn’t hear anything else… until a couple of months ago!

MaryJanesFarm Magazine [current cover] My story, called “Dashing All the Way,” just got published in Mary Janes Farm! Look for it in your local bookstore, or subscribe by visiting the above link.

So, what’s next? More published items, I hope! I am working on a few ideas, including a couple of young adult novels, and a cook/guide book of sorts. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “(Drum Roll, Please…) I Just Got Published! =D

  1. I read your article! Loved it! I just started blogging on WordPress in October and I have been getting MaryJane’s Farm for a year now, so imagine my surprise when I read your article and your blog site was listed at the end of it. I had to visit your blog. Keep up the writing- I enjoy reading it!


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